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2017 SoCal SysBio Conference Program





8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast Pacific Ballroom D - Students Center
8:30-8:35 Opening Remarks
8:35-9:00 Paul Sternberg Caltech Genetic pathway analysis using transcriptomes as phenotype
9:00-9:25 Stacey Finley


Applying systems biology to predict CAR-mediated T cell activation
9:25-9:50 Dimitrios Morikis UC Riverside Mathematical Modeling of Complement System Dynamics
9:50-10:15 Justin Meyer UC San Diego The evolution of a key innovation and subsequent speciation of bacteriophage λ 
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-10:55 Mark Alber UC Riverside Multi-scale Modeling in Biology and Medicine
10:55-11:20 Gennady Verkhivker Chapman University/UCSD Dissecting Allosteric Regulation in Complex Biomolecular Assemblies Using Multiscale Modeling and Computational Systems Biology
11:20-11:45 Wenqi Wang UC Irvine Protein-protein interaction network in tissue homeostasis and cancer development
11:45-12:10 Jason Ernst UC Los Angeles Genome-scale high-resolution mapping of activating and repressive nucleotides in regulatory regions
12:15-2:00 Lunch & Posters Graduate/Postdoc Poster Session


Selected poster short talks
  Bhaven Mistry UC Los Angeles
Quantifying Sensitivity of HIV-1 Viral Entry to Receptor and Coreceptor Expression through Kinetic Models
  Ania-Ariadna Baetica Caltech A Bayesian approach to inferring chemical signal timing and amplitude in a synthetic event detector using the heterogeneous population response
  Rabi Murad UC Irvine Comparative dynamics of microRNAs during mammalian development
2:35-3:00 Scott Fraser USC Multidimensional imaging for systems analyses of embryonic development
3:00-3:25 Adele Doyle UC Santa Barbara Development of Electrogenic Specialization During Neurogenesis
3:25-3:50 Devon Lawson  UC Irvine Single-cell analysis of intratumor heterogeneity in cancer progression and metastasis
3:50-4:10 Coffee Break
4:10-4:35 Noa Pinter-Wollman UC Los Angeles Individual variation in collective behavior
4:35-5:00 Nan Hao UC San Diego Multi-generational silencing dynamics control cell aging
5:00-5:25 Timothy Downing  UC Irvine Controlling the epigenome through cell-material interactions
5:25-5:50 Elizabeth Dinsdale San Diego State University
A Mosaic of Microbes: Establishment and Maintenance of Marine Microbiomes
5:50-6:15 Elizabeth Winzeler  UC San Diego 
Using systems biology in the hunt for new therapies for malaria elimination
6:15-6:20 Closing Remarks  
6:20-8:00 Reception/Poster Session  


2017 SoCal SysBio Conference Registration Information

Conference Date: SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 2017
Time: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
Venue: UC Irvine Student Center (Pacific Ballroom)

             Conference registration is now OPEN ! 

Registration fee: $75 ($100 after 1/24/17)



DEADLINE: FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017 at 5:00PM for consideration to orally present your research at the Conference and for publication in the program bulletin.

Guidelines: font size- 11 pt. font type – Arial, text box size – 7 3/8" (19cm) x 4 ½" (11.5cm) (one half of an 8 ½ x 11 page) Word format, although pdf documents (.doc) will be accepted. Insure all fonts are embedded with the text. Please provide the list of authors with the presenting author indicated by an asterisk (*) next to their name. Separate each author by a comma.
Poster Summary: Please provide a brief summary (250 words or less) of the content to be presented. List 3-6 keywords.
Please note that easels and poster boards - 4' X 4' - are provided.
Submit poster abstracts to:, Subject: SCSBC Poster
For questions related to the scientific program, please contact Felix Grün (Academic Coordinator). For administrative/registration related questions contact Karen Martin.



Announcing the 7th Annual Southern California Systems Biology Conference

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 from 8:30 am - 8:00pm
UC Irvine, Student Center - (Pacific Ballrooms).

The conference brings together diverse researchers from leading Southern California academic campuses to showcase current research activities and promote collaborative opportunities in all areas of Systems Biology.

Program: 16-18 speakers + graduate students/postdoc poster sessions.
Submit poster abstracts to :



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