2015 Opportunity Award Theme Announced

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Published Date Written by Arthur Lander
The theme for the 2015 CCBS Opportunity Award competition has been announced, and is:
This means research in which temporally or spatially dynamic phenomena are responsible for introducing complexity into biological systems or observations, especially complexity that needs to be understood or overcome.  In addressing this need, successful projects will explore how dynamics and complexity are often linked.
The opportunity award competition is open to any UCI graduate student or postdoctoral researcher (including project scientists, specialists etc), who is present at the CCBS retreat.  Any pair (or trio) of individuals who meet the above criteria may jointly submit a proposal that describes a project that meets the following criteria:
• A short-term (up to 1 year), feasible research investigation that answers a research question related to this year’s theme
• Must involve participation from labs/research groups from different discipline or departments.
• Must be a “new” project
To apply,
• Step I: Before 12:30 PM on Sunday, March 29, hand in (or email to Karen Martin) a one paragraph abstract (can be handwritten) briefly describing the nature of the project
• Step II: Send a more complete description (up to three pages) by email by Monday April 13th, to kymartin@uci.edu
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