2014 Opportunity Awards

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Published Date Written by Naomi Carreon
Congratulations to the winners of this year's CCBS Opportunity Awards competition based on the theme of Big
Data! Each winning proposal will receive $10,000 for project expenses and $1,000 personal award to be split
between student and/or postdoctoral participants. We look forward to hearing about the projects at next year's
annual CCBS retreat tentatively scheduled for March 27-29th, 2015 in the Los Angeles area.

Multi-scale reconstruction of the early embryo: imaging and modeling

Huijing Du, William Holmes, Qing Nie / Soledad Mochel, Ken Cho Mathematics / Developmental & Cell Biology

Chromatin topography and its influence on global gene expression

Andrea Anzalone, Enrico Gratton / Rosaysela Santos, Anne Calof Biomedical Engineering / Anatomy & Neurobiology

State and the single cell: understanding macrophage plasticity

Tim Smith, Wendy Liu / Margaret Tse, Elizabeth Read Biomedical Engineering / Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Large-scale spatiotemporal network analysis of cortical neuronal circuit connections

Tian Hong, Qing Nie / Taruna Ikrar, Xiangmin Xu Mathematics / Anatomy & Neuobiology

Prediction of complex developmental phenotypes using multiple data types

Daniel Newkirk, Kyoko Yokomori / Phoebe Valdes, Anne Calof / Yi Li, Xiaohui Xie Biological Chemistry / Anatomy & Neurobiology / Computer Science

High-throughput data acquisition for large data set analysis of the spatiotemporal dynamics of chromatin organization: Interplay between transcription and DNA repair

Paolo Annibale, Enrico Gratton / Xiangduo Kong, Kyoko Yokomori Biomedical Engineering / Biological Chemistry
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