2016 Publications

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2015 Publications

Adu-Gyamfi, E., Johnson, K., Fraser, M., Scott, J., Soni, S., Jones, K., Digman, M., Gratton, E., Tessier, C., and Stahelin, R. (2015).
Host cell plasma membrane phosphatidylserine regulates the assembly and budding of ebola virus. J Virol 89, 9440-9453. PMID: 26136573. doi.
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Modulated cmos camera for fluorescence lifetime microscopy. Microsc Res Tech 78, 1075-1081. PMID: 26500051. doi.
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2014 Publications

Adu-Gyamfi, E., Soni, S., Jee, C., Digman, M., Gratton, E., and Stahelin, R. (2014).
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2012 Publications

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