July 2011

Systems Biology of Development Trainees Selected

July, 2011

Seven students have been selected for appointment to the NIH supported training program in Systems Biology of Development (T32-HD60555) for a period of one year with the possibility of competitive renewal for a second year. The review committee received twice as many nominations as positions available. All of the nominations were judged appropriate and meritorious, making the task of selecting appointees especially difficult. Those students who were not selected for training grant support this year should know that they are welcome to participate in training program activities (e.g. new courses), and that they are strongly encouraged to apply again next spring, when additional slots will open up.
Those selected for support this year were:

        • Evan Lister, Developmental and Cell Biology
        • James Lewis, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
        • Yufei Ni, Biomedical Engineering
        • Jeremy Ovadia, Mathematics
        • Victor Quintanar-Zilinskas, Biomedical Engineering
        • Phillip Thomas, Biomedical Engineering
        • William Gordon, Biological Chemistry

Opportunity Award Results

July, 2011

Dr. Lander would like to announce the winners of this year's Opportunity Award resulting from new collaborations begun at this year's CCBS Annual Retreat. Twenty seven excellent entries were submitted and eight were chosen for award; click here to see the winner list and their research titles. The winners receive $10,000 in funds to be split among the principal investigators for the conduct of the proposed research, plus an amount to be used at the discretion of the proposing students/postdocs for their valid research or educational expenses ($500 if there was a single student/postdoc proposer; $1000 if there were two or more student/postdoc proposers).

Plans are in process to hold next year's Retreat in Santa Monica, CA on March 23-25, 2012.

Mark your calendars now - meet a new collaborator and submit an entry for next year's competition!
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