2016 Opportunity Awards

Congratulations to the winners of this year's CCBS Opportunity Awards competition based on the theme of Mechanisms of Disease! Each winning proposal will receive $10,000 to be shared between the faculty for lab project expenses; and a $1,000 award for research supplies to be shared between student and/or postdoctoral participants. We look forward to hearing about the projects at next year's annual CCBS retreat scheduled for March 31 - April 2nd, 2017, due to be held in Pasadena, CA! 


Single Cell Heterogeneity in Wnt and Metabolism in Xenograft Colon Tumors Xenografts


George Chen, Marian Waterman / TBD, Kai Kessenbrock & Devon Lawson
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics / Biological Chemistry & Physiology & Biophysics 

Understanding the systems-level changes during breast tumorigenesis using single cell RNA-seq


Quy Nguyen, Kai Kessenbrock / Tao Peng, Qing Nie 
Biological Chemistry / Mathematics 

Metabolic profiling of bacterial persister cell formation and virulence activation 


Jenu Chacko, Michelle Digman / Anerudh Kannan, Albert Siryaporn 
Biomedical Engineering & Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics / Physics & Astronomy 

Nuclear blebbing and lamin-mediated defets in cardiomyopathies


Kathryn Manakova, Jun Allard / Mehrsa Mehrabi, Anya Grosberg & Michael Zaragoza 
Mathematics / Biomedical Engineering & Pediatrics 

Dynamics of IncRNAs in the X inactivation center in mouse ES and human breast cancer cells 


Heather Karner, Sha Sun / Lily Li, Zeba Wunderlich / Praveer Sharma, Tom Schilling 
Developmental & Cell Biology / Developmental & Cell Biology / Developmental & Cell Biology 

Spatial dynamics of mutation accrual in melanocytic nevi


Rolando Ruiz, Anand Ganesan / Pete Taylor, Olivier Cinquin / Sebastien de Feraudy
Biological Chemistry & Dermatology / Developmental & Cell Biology / Dermatopathology 

Gli Phospohrylation and Sufu involvement in Drug Resistant Basal Cell Carcinoma


Kerrigan Blake, Scott Atwood / Leo Lagunes, Lee Bardwell & German Enciso 
Developmental & Cell Biology / Developmental & Cell Biology & Mathematics 

Investigating mechanisms of epileptic seizure onset 


Logan Harriger, Beth Lopour / Sean Horan, John Lowengrub 
Biomedical Engineering / Mathematics 
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