2017 Opportunity Awards


Congratulations to the winners of this year's CCBS Opportunity Awards competition based on the theme of Crossing Scales with Cell-Level Data! Each winning proposal will receive $10,000 to be shared between the faculty for lab project expenses; and a $1,000 award for research supplies to be shared between student and/or postdoctoral participants. We look forward to hearing about the projects at next year's annual CCBS retreat scheduled for Spring quarter 2018, due to be held in the Los Angeles area!



Investigating gene regulatory networks in metastasis

Kerrigan Blake, Ryan Davis, PI - Devon Lawson

Dustin Maurer, PI - Eric Mjolsness

Physiology & Biophysics


Computer Science

Doublet Cell Sequencing to Elucidate Stem Cell Niche in Mouse Epithelium

Dennis Ma, Nick Pervolarakis, PI - Kai Kessenbrock

Camden Jansen, PI - Ali Mortazavi  

Biological Chemistry


Developmental & Cell Biology

Deciphering system-level transcriptional dynamics during development of the mouse epidermis using single-cell RNA-seq

Ziguang Lin, PI - Bogi Andersen


Suoqin Jin, PI - Qing Nie 

Biological Chemistry & Department of Medicine 



Characterizing Metastatic Potential by Integrated Analysis of Bulk and Single Cell DNA Sequencing

Kerrigan Blake, PI - Devon Lawson

Scott Vang, PI - Xiaohui Xie 

Physiology & Biophysics


Computer Science  

Perform single cell RNA-seq on the fat body of immune stimulated Drosophila melanogaster in order to characterize the heterogeneity of immune response in the fat body

Lorrayne Serra, Christina Wilcox, PI - Ali Mortazavi


Bryan Ramirez-Corona, PI - Zeba Wunderlich 

Developmental & Cell Biology


Developmental & Cell Biology 

Microscale biogeography of phage-infection and antibiotic resistance in biofilms

Kumar Perinbam, PI - Albert Siryaporn

Tara Gallagher, PI - Katrine Whiteson

Physics and Astronomy


Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Indentification of tumor initiation mechanisms in human skin driven by dynamic interactions between stem cells and their niche

Mike Drummond, PI - Scott Atwood

Adam MacLean, Shuxiong Wang, PI - Qing Nie 

Developmental & Cell Biology


Dissecting myofibroblast heterogeneity during cutaneous wound healing and regeneration

Adam MacLean, Yangyang Wang, PI - Qing Nie

Christian Guerrero-Juarez, PI - Maksim Plikus



Developmental & Cell Biology
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