Teaching Systems Biology: Workshop

Teaching Systems Biology

an Howard-Hughes Medical Instiute sponsored workshop
The primary goal of the workshop will be articualting and disseminating strategies for effective Systems Biology education.
The workshop will consist of a mix of oral presentations, panel discussions and small group sessions that will address some of the following questions and topics:
  • What preparation do students need ?
  • What is the best way to remedy individual academic deficiencies ?
  • Is there a common technical skill set that all students should have ?
  • How to balance breadth and depth in interdisciplinary training ?
  • How should collaboration skills be taught ?
  • What are hurdles involved in developing new courses in Systems Biology, and how should they be overcome ?
  • Can/should problem-based-learning be used ?
  • Should Systems Biology be explicity taught at the undergraduate level ?
  • What are the pros and cons of short-term focused training activities (bootcamps and short courses) ?
The output from the workshop will consist of summary statements and shared educational tools (videos, white papers and teaching materials) made freely available via internet access.
2011 Teaching Systems Biology: Workshop. Copyright © 2013. The Center for Complex Biological Systems, UC Irvine
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