Establishment of the UCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology

cancersystems bioFueled by a $10 million, five-year National Cancer Institute grant, Marian Waterman, John Lowengrub and Arthur Lander have established the UCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology. It’s among just 13 research institutions nationwide that are part of the NCI’s Cancer Systems Biology Consortium.  Read More...

Establishment of the MathBioSys Center on Multiscale Cell Fate

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The MathBioSys Center on Multiscale Cell Fate is being initiated with $10 million in funding, half from the National Science Foundation and half from the Simons Foundation. It will support research at the interface of mathematics and biology with implications for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, birth defects and aging.  Read More...

CCBS Opportunity Award Competition 2018

Cell states and transitions

This means research into what defines cell types and states; why states are stable; how transitions among different states are normally controlled, or can be deliberately engineered; dynamic or stochastic aspects or cell states; theories of state transitions; or any other topic related to the meaningful individuality of cell “types.” 


  • Step I:  Before 12:30 PM on Sunday, March 25th, hand in (or email to Karen Martin) a one paragraph abstract (can even be handwritten) briefly describing the nature of the project.
  • Step II:  Send a more complete description (up to three pages) by email by Monday, April 9th, to:



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 Congratulations to Mathematics PhD student Chris Rackauckas!


 Rackauckas TsukubaAward 09201710/09/17 - Chris Rackauckas, a Mathematics Department graduate student researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Qing Nie, won the Best Speaker Award for his student talk at the Tsukuba Global Science Week conference, September 24-27, 2017. Chris is also the recipient of a Ford Foundation fellowship and an NSF GRFP fellow.

The title of Chris’ talk was “The Hidden Information in Biological Randomness.”  This talk discussed how randomness (noise/stochasticity) in biological experiments can be used to distinguish between models which are the same in their average behavior, how noise in biological systems can be controlled, and displayed how hindbrain segmentation in the developing zebrafish hindbrain requires a specific amount of noise in order to produce proper development. 


  Congratulations to MCSB PhD student Lara Clemens!


Clemens Lara Edinburgh 073117


07/31/17 - Lara won an award for best poster in the session "Why Disorder Matters" at the 19th IUPAB (International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics) Congress and 11th EBSA (European Biophysical Societies' Association) Congress, which took place from July 16-20th, 2017 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK. Her poster was entitled,  "Intrinsically disordered signaling proteins can exhibit emergent cooperativity, sequential binding." The conference had over 1100 posters and she is one of 35 winners!




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