Catalyzing New International Collaborations (NSF)

2010-1172 Catalyzing New International Collaborations (NSF)

TOPIC: The National Science Foundation is inviting grant applications to support the participation of U.S. researchers and students in activities intended to catalyze new international collaborations. This solicitation supports the initial phases of an international
collaboration with the strong expectation that the next phase will involve submission of a follow-on proposal for continued funding of the collaborative research. U.S. groups will be expected to develop a future proposal for continued funding that would be competitive in the merit-review process of the appropriate NSF program. Demand for funding of the follow-on international  may generate new models and enhanced capabilities for supporting such projects.

DEADLINE: The full proposal target dates are March 1 and September 1.
FUNDS: $2 million is available for 40 awards.
ELIGIBILITY: A PI may participate in no more than one proposal per
target date. PIs must establish communication with the cognizant
Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE) country Program
Officer prior to submission to this solicitation. For a list of OISE

Program Officers by country, see

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