Biological, Math and Physical Sciences Interface (NSF)


2010-1174 Biological, Math, and Physical Sciences Interface (NSF)


TOPIC: The National Science Foundation has issued a Dear Colleague Letter inviting proposals from interdisciplinary research teams that involve collaborations among investigators from the biological, mathematical, and physical sciences and foster new interactions that span interfaces between the Directorates of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS) and Biology (BIO). Areas of potential mutual interest to MPS and BIO include: physical and chemical mechanisms and mathematical/statistical theories that underlie biological processes; the physical, chemical, mathematical and statistical basis of biology involving one or more levels of biological interaction or complexity; and the physical, chemical, genetic, and epigenetic principles that constrain how living systems adapt to changing environments.


DEADLINE: Proposals must be submitted in accordance with the deadlines
and proposal submission windows specified for unsolicited proposals
for the respective programs.


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