James S. McDonnell Foundation - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Complex Systems

21st Century Science Initiative 2011


Deadline: July 15, 2011
No geographic restrictions; international applications are encouraged.

The James S. McDonnell Foundation (JSMF) is initiating a new postdoctoral fellowship opportunity in the area of Complex Systems research. The JSMF Fellowships are intended to provide students in the final stages of completing a Ph.D. degree additional leeway in identifying and securing postdoctoral training opportunities in complex systems research (as defined on the JSMF website http://www.jsmf.org/programs/cs).


NOTE: JSMF Postdoctoral Fellowships in Complex Systems are not intended for students who have already identified a postdoctoral position and a postdoctoral research mentor. The JSMF fellowships are intended for students still at the stage of identifying potential postdoctoral positions. JSMF intends the fellowship program to help students seek potential postdoctoral training based on their scientific interests and the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills.


More information on this funding opportunity can be obtained here or at http://www.jsmf.org/apply/fellowship
2011 James S. McDonnell Foundation - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Complex Systems. Copyright © 2013. The Center for Complex Biological Systems, UC Irvine
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