2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Announced

Congratulations to the recipients of this year's NSF Graduate Research Fellowships !
Three MCSB students received fellowship awards for 2014:
        • Alberto Soto for "The Zebrafish Visual System: Mathematical Modeling and Experimentation"

Mentor: John Lowengrub (Department of Mathematics)

        • Daniel Quang for "A Machine Learning Approach for Inferring Gene Regulatory Grammar",

Mentor: Xiaohui Xie (Department of Computer Science)

        • Chris Rackauckas for "Early-Warning Signs of Critical Transitions in Cell Lineage Dynamics"

(1st year MCB graduate student researcher; Mentor: Qing Nie).

2011 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Announced. Copyright © 2013. The Center for Complex Biological Systems, UC Irvine
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