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Mathematical and Computational Biology for Undergraduates (MCBU)

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The Mathematical and Computational Biology for Undergraduates program provides interdisciplinary training and research opportunities for undergraduates in problems at the interface of mathematics, biology and computational science. MCBU has two main program components:
1)  undergraduate degree programs (major/minor) specializing in mathematics for biological sciences
2)  summer undergraduate research experiences in paired teams of mathematics and biology students co-advised by mathematics and biology faculty


Mathematics Major Specialization in "Mathematical Biology"

A specialization of the B.S. degree in Mathematics for students interested in interdisciplinary training in the biological and mathematical sciences with a goal of pursuing graudate studies and a career in systems biology. The specialization includes a three-quarter course sequence on mathematical modeling analysis and computation of biological phenomena, additional courses in mathematical and statistical methodology, as well as courses chosen from cell biology, genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Students also participate in the Undergraduate Biological and Mathematical (UBM) summer research program (funded through NSF UBM grant DMS-1129008).

Minor in Applied Mathematics for Students in Biological Sciences

A minor intended for Biological Sciences majors. Requirements for the Minor consist of Math 3A and 3D plus the six upper division quarter courses: Math 105A/B, 107 (on computational mathematics including the associated laboratories) and the three modeling courses for the MCBU Program. Students in this Minor should also be well prepared for the UBM supported summer research program as well as graduate studies in systems biology.



Systems Biology Undergraduate Track

This "track" is designed as a first step towards an interdisciplinary degree program appropriate for biology undergraduates with a curriculum that includes biology courses with an analytical and computational bent, in addition to methods courses on differential equations, linear algebra, statistics and computational mathematics. More advanced integrated courses include Bio 103 (Cell Biology), ICS 174 (Bioinformatics), BME120 (Sensory Motor Systems) and BME121 (Organ Transport Systems) and the MCBU modeling sequence described above. Systems Cell Biology (Dev Bio 232) and Systems Developmental Biology (Dev Bio 203C) and the three quarter Mathematical Biology sequence Math 227A,B,C, all designed for the MCSB Program, will also be available as advanced electives for students taking this track.




PRISM (Department of Mathematics)


PRISM logoThe goal of the PRISM program is to increase the numbers and preparedness of undergraduate majors and minors in science and mathematics through  a new undergraduate education and research program at UCI, called UCicamp (UCI Interdisciplinary Computational and Applied Mathematics Program). UCicamp plans to teach mathematics and computation through concrete problems arising from information processing to freshman and sophomore students during the regular school year. Selected number of students will go on to do supervised research in the summer months with full stipend support. UCicamp is aimed towards freshman and sophomore students to stimualte their interests in mathematics, computation and their applications in the digital age.

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