Metabolomics Interest Group (MIG)

The 2nd meeting of the Metabolomics Interest Group was held on:
Monday, April 20th from 1:00 - 2:00 pm
BioSci III Conference Room, Rm 2120.
The MIG provides an informal venue for both current research groups, as well as new users, to i) more effectively utilize campus metabolomics resources, ii) obtain user support and provide community feedback, and iii) promote opportunities for collaborative interactions.
This month's topic was on "Metabolite Biomarker Identification" from untargeted global mass spec data collected by GC EI-MS, LC-MS or MSMS instruments.
We reviewed:
      • Basic untargeted metabolomics experimental designs,
      • Sample handling and data collection 
      • Various software analytical packages, including: Waters MarkerLynx and Progenesis QI packages, Scripps XCMS Online and the open source package MetaboAnalyst.
Please check back on the Community pages for future announcements or send an email to Felix Grün (Subj: MIG) to be included on the mailing list.
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