Chemical Biology



Bogi Anderson
Transcriptional regulation in normal and diseased epithelia


Ioan Andricioaei
Interface of structural molecular biology and physical chemistry


Xing Dai
Role of the regulatory proteins Ovo in germ cell and epidermal differentiation


Chris Hughes
3D tissue modeling, angiogenesis, tumor microenvironment


Hung Nguyen
Self-assembly of biological and biomimetic nanoscale materials based on amino acids and on nucleic acids using computational and theoretical methods


Peter Kaiser
Control of the cell cycle through mechanisms involving ubiquitination


Haoping Liu
MAP kinase mediated signal transduction; dimorphic regulation in yeast


Craig Martens
Theoretical Chemistry, Chemical Physics


Shaul Mukamel
Theoretical studies of ultrafast dynamics and relaxation processes of large molecules, biological complexes, and semiconductors; Nonlinear ultrafast spectroscopy


Eric Potma
Molecular mobility in biological materials, vibrational coherences, ultrafast microscopy


Jennifer Prescher
Chemical biology, molecular imaging, organic chemistry, immunology, bioorthogonal chemistry, post-translational modifications
Elisabeth Read
Computional and modeling approaches to the study of immune system dynamics and regulation
Suzanne Sandmeyer
Molecular genetics and biochemistry of retrotransposons and metabolic engineering in budding yeast


Robert Steele
Molecular biology of Hydra development


Douglas Tobias
Computational Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry


Sheryl Tsai
Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Structural Biology, Microbiology


Gregory Weiss
Bioorganic chemistry, chemical biology, protein engineering, molecular biology and biochemistry


Kyoko Yokomori
Mechanism and regulation of chromosome structural changes required for the maintenance of genome integrity