Biological Physics



Mathematical modeling of cell biophysics: cell mechanics and cytoskeletal dynamics 
Nanomaterial Synthesis & Characterization, Nanocircuit Behaviors, Single Molecule Circuits


Biological physics, Langmuir monolayers, Foams


Design of new fluorescence instruments, protein dynamics, hydration of proteins, and I.R. spectroscopy of biological substances


Biophysics of molecular motors and intracellular transport


Bacteriorhodopsin, spectroscopy, protein crystallography


Theoretical Chemistry, Chemical Physics


Theoretical studies of ultrafast dynamics and relaxation processes of large molecules, biological complexes, and semiconductors; Nonlinear ultrafast spectroscopy
        Medha Pathak
        Mechanobiology of neural stem cells; How cells transduce mechanical forces; Mechanically-activated ion channels; Role of Piezo1 in neural stem cell fate; Mechanical forces in neural development.
Biological physics, magnetic sense of animals, quantum biology of photosynthesis
        Albert Siryaporn
        Biomechanics, Bacterial Signaling, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Biofilms


Experimental Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics


Surface physics, sensors, high speed imaging, and fluid mechanics


Lasers, near infrared spectroscopy, non-invasive diagnostics, photomedicine, biomedical optics, photodynamic therapy


Biomedical laser applications, optical diffusion theory, photothermal and photomechanical phenomena


Biological physics, Intracellular transport, Disordered systems
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