Functional Genomics



Single molecule dynamics, bioinformatics, functional genomics, surface plasmon resonance


Growth factor signaling and functional genomics in Xenopus and zebrafish, stem cell research and diabetes, Bioinformatics and functional genomics, Veterbrate embryology and growth factor signaling


Functional and evolutionary genomics: gene regulation and evolution of eukrayotic sex chromosomes
Microenvironmental regulation of epithelial stem cell function in single cell resolution during normal tissue homeostasis and cancer
Dennis Kibler
Artificial Intelligence: Automated Reasoning / Machine Learning / Data Mining / Bio-Medical Informatics / Computational Biology / Computational Analysis of Genomes / Gene Regulation / Motif Discovery / Gene Expression Clustering


Quantitative and population genetics, genetic basis of quantitative variation for different phenotypes in different organisms, gene mapping and microarray analysis


Regulation of growth factor signaling in patterning, regeneration, and oncogenesis, Mechanisms of late onset neurodegeneration


Applications of genomics, computation, and sequencing technologies to the analysis of transcriptional regulation in development. Emphasis on long-range protein-DNA interactions, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ChIA-PET, and comparative genomics


Structural evolutionary genomics and evolution of the expression network


Genomics of post-transcriptional gene regulation, mRNA processing, cancer


Host-associated microbial communities, metabolomics, metagenomics, microbial ecology, phage, fermentation, polymicrobial infection, microbial interactions, human microbiome
Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Neural Computation, and Machine Learning
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