2016 Publications

Alfonso-Garca, A., Smith, T., Datta, R., Luu, T., Gratton, E., Potma, E., and Liu, W. (2016).
Label-free identification of macrophage phenotype by fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. J Biomed Opt 21, 46005. PMID: 27086689. doi.
Annibale, P., Dvornikov, A., and Gratton, E. (2016).
Optical measurement of focal offset in tunable lenses. Opt Express 24, 1031-1036. PMID: 26832485. doi.
Brenner, M., Zhou, R., Conway, D., Lanzano, L., Gratton, E., Schwartz, M., and Ha, T. (2016).
Spider silk peptide is a compact, linear nanospring ideal for intracellular tension sensing. Nano Lett 16, 2096-2102. PMID: 26824190. doi.
Cinquin, A., Chiang, M., Paz, A., Hallman, S., Yuan, O., Vysniauskaite, I., Fowlkes, C., and Cinquin, O. (2016).
Intermittent stem cell cycling balances self-renewal and senescence of the c. Elegans germ line. PLoS Genet 12, e1005985. PMID: 27077385. doi.
Clark, N., Hinde, E., Winter, C., Fisher, A., Crosti, G., Blilou, I., Gratton, E., Benfey, P., and Sozzani, R. (2016).
Tracking transcription factor mobility and interaction in arabidopsis roots with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Elife 5. PMID: 27288545. doi.
Cox-Muranami, W., Nelson, E., Li, G., and Bachman, M. (2016).
Large area magnetic micropallet arrays for cell colony sorting. Lab Chip 16, 172-181. PMID: 26606460. doi.
Curtis, L., England, C., Wu, M., Lowengrub, J., and Frieboes, H. (2016).
An interdisciplinary computational/experimental approach to evaluate drug-loaded gold nanoparticle tumor cytotoxicity. Nanomedicine (Lond) 11, 197-216. PMID: 26829163. doi.
Datta, R., Heylman, C., George, S., and Gratton, E. (2016).
Label-free imaging of metabolism and oxidative stress in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes. Biomed Opt Express 7, 1690-1701. PMID: 27231614. doi.
Hinde, E., Pandi, E., Yang, Z., Ng, I., Jans, D., Bogoyevitch, M., Gratton, E., and Gaus, K. (2016).
Quantifying the dynamics of the oligomeric transcription factor stat3 by pair correlation of molecular brightness. Nat Commun 7, 11047. PMID: 27009358. doi.
Holmes, W., Trueblood, J., and Heathcote, A. (2016).
A new framework for modeling decisions about changing information: The piecewise linear ballistic accumulator model. Cogn Psychol 85, 1-29. PMID: 26760448. doi.
Hu, Y., and Lowengrub, J. (2016).
Collective properties of a transcription initiation model under varying environment. J Comput Biol 23, 56-66. PMID: 26645781. doi.
Kawauchi, S., Santos, R., Muto, A., Lopez-Burks, M., Schilling, T., Lander, A., and Calof, A. (2016).
Using mouse and zebrafish models to understand the etiology of developmental defects in cornelia de lange syndrome. Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet 172, 138-145. PMID: 27120001. doi.
Konstorum, A., Hillen, T., and Lowengrub, J. (2016).
Feedback regulation in a cancer stem cell model can cause an allee effect. Bull Math Biol 78, 754-785. PMID: 27113934. doi.
Kunche, S., Yan, H., Calof, A., Lowengrub, J., and Lander, A. (2016).
Feedback, lineages and self-organizing morphogenesis. PLoS Comput Biol 12, e1004814. PMID: 26989903. doi.
Li, C., Hong, T., and Nie, Q. (2016).
Quantifying the landscape and kinetic paths for epithelial-mesenchymal transition from a core circuit. Phys Chem Chem Phys 18, 17949-17956. PMID: 27328302. doi.
Lin, S., Hedde, P., Venugopalan, V., Gratton, E., and Khine, M. (2016).
Multi-scale silica structures for improved hiv-1 capsid (p24) antigen detection. Analyst 141, 4181-4188. PMID: 27163263. doi.
Liu, K., Hamilton, C., Allard, J., Lowengrub, J., and Li, S. (2016).
Wrinkling dynamics of fluctuating vesicles in time-dependent viscous flow. Soft Matter 12, 5663-5675. PMID: 27136977. doi.
Lopez-Burks, M., Santos, R., Kawauchi, S., Calof, A., and Lander, A. (2016).
Genetic enhancement of limb defects in a mouse model of cornelia de lange syndrome. Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet 172, 146-154. PMID: 27120109. doi.
Lowengrub, J., Allard, J., and Aland, S. (2016).
Numerical simulation of endocytosis: Viscous flow driven by membranes with non-uniformly distributed curvature-inducing molecules. J Comput Phys 309, 112-128. PMID: 26869729. doi.
Sosnik, J., Zheng, L., Rackauckas, C., Digman, M., Gratton, E., Nie, Q., and Schilling, T. (2016).
Noise modulation in retinoic acid signaling sharpens segmental boundaries of gene expression in the embryonic zebrafish hindbrain. Elife 5, e14034. PMID: 27067377. doi.
Szymanska, A., Heylman, C., Datta, R., Gratton, E., and Nenadic, Z. (2016).
Automated detection and analysis of depolarization events in human cardiomyocytes using madec. Comput Biol Med 75, 109-117. PMID: 27281718. doi.
Wang, B., Rong, X., Duerr, M., Hermanson, D., Hedde, P., Wong, J., Vallim, T., Cravatt, B., Gratton, E., Ford, D., et al. (2016).
Intestinal phospholipid remodeling is required for dietary-lipid uptake and survival on a high-fat diet. Cell Metab 23, 492-504. PMID: 26833026. doi.
Wang, W., Chen, L., and Zhou, J. (2016).
Postprocessing mixed finite element methods for solving cahn-hilliard equation: Methods and error analysis. J Sci Comput 67, 724-746. PMID: 27110063. doi.
Westerhof, T., Li, G., Bachman, M., and Nelson, E. (2016).
Multicolor immunofluorescent imaging of complex cellular mixtures on micropallet arrays enables the identification of single cells of defined phenotype. Adv Healthc Mater 5, 767-771. PMID: 26924570. doi.
Xie, J., Xiang, C., Ma, J., Tan, J., Wen, T., Lei, J., and Nie, Q. (2016).
An adaptive hybrid algorithm for global network alignment. IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform 13, 483-493. PMID: 27295633. doi. 
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