A National Short Course IN:

Systems Biology:

Morphogenesis & Spatial Dynamics

at The Center for Complex Biological Systems, University of California Irvine


For information on this year’s course (Jan 12-30, 2015), please visit our new website:                      http://ccbs.uci.edu/nscsbhome

Course Participants and Pre-requisites

  We welcome scientists from all disciplines (biological, physical, mathematical, computational and engineering) with an interest in developing Systems Biology skills. This high-level introductory course is geared towards senior graduate students, postdocs, faculty and industry researchers with a long term interest in pursuing Systems Biology research but who have little or no prior experience in this emerging discipline


  The goals for a National Short Course in Systems Biology at UCI are to provide a relatively deep introduction to the range of topics within Systems Biology, together with the option for remedial preparation either in biology or mathematical/computational core concepts, and to do so in a reasonable period of time and attractive format.

   The course design will provide a mix of strategies to help participants:

  1. identify and pose scientific questions from a Systems Biology perspective,

  2. provide biological methodologies for gathering the appropriate kinds of data

  3. and apply mathematical tools for analyses and modeling.

The subject emphasis of our first course will be on cellular controls of cell differentiation, with a central theme of morphogenesis and spatial dynamics. Research models that are dependent on complex spatial information will be the primary focus since this builds on the extensive research expertise of participating faculty, departments and existing centers of excellence at UCI.

  The course consists of both didactic lectures and hands-on “wet/dry” laboratories and tutorials.


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Development of this course is supported by funds from the National Institutes for General Medical Sciences (NIH 3-P50GM076516 and R25 GM096989 grants).

For questions about this course, contact:

Felix Grün, PhD

Academic Coordinator, CCBS

Tel. (949) 824-6432

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