Name School/Institution Talk Title/Abstract
Liang Chen Univ. of Southern California "Dissecting Transcriptomes through next Generation Sequencing"
Sean Cutler UC - Riverside "Sidestepping Genetic Redundancy with Small Molecules"
German Enciso UC Irvine "Protein Scaffolds Can Enhance the Bistability of Multisite
Phosphorylation Systems"
Melissa Hendrata Cal State Univ. Los Angeles "Bioenergetic Approach for Modeling Bacteria Life Cycles"
Trey Ideker UC San Diego "Network-based Biomarkers."
Mary Kennedy Caltech "Challenges in Modeling the Kinetics of Calcium Signaling in Spine Synapses"
Hojin Moon Cal State Univ. Log Beach "Specification of Sex-Specific Molecular Markers"
Ali Mortazavi UC Irvine "From Sequencing to Biology"
Nikolas Nikolaidis Cal State Univ. Fullerton "Lipids: a new partner of the molecular chaperone network"
Sergey Nuzhdin Univ. of Southern California "Systems Biology of Genetic Variation in Drosophila: InR/TOR Pathway"
Linda Petzold UC Santa Barbara "Algorithms and Software for Discrete Stochastic Simulation of Biochemical Systems"
Zhilin Qu UCLA

From molecular fluctuations to cellular oscillations: Self-organized criticality in calcium signaling

Ellen Rothenberg Caltech "Molecular systems biology of early T-cell development"
Daniel Stoebel Harvey Mudd "Compensatory Evolution of the Transcriptome of E. Coli Lacking RpoS, a Global Regulatory Protein"
Andy Till UC San Diego "Functional Architecture of the Human Autophagy Gene Network"
Megan Valentine UC Santa Barbara "Role of Force in Organizing and Regulating Biological Systems"
Xinshu Xiao UCLA "Studies of Single-Nucleotide Variants in Transcriptome Sequencing"