Exploring Complex Systems - from Human Biology to Exercise Science brings together researchers using multi-scale multi-disciplinary approaches to investigate the complex functioning and performance of the human body in health, disease and at peak performance.

Participants hail from UC Irvine and the University of Tsukuba in Japan, two leading institutions in the fields of Systems Biology, the study of the interrelated scales of biology from molecular and cellular to tissues and whole organism, and Exercise Science, investigations into how physical activity affects the human body - preserving, restoring and even improving performance and health.

The theme of Exploring Complex Systems... aligns with the National Institutes of Health’s recently announced program Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity in Humans, the largest targeted NIH investment of funds into the mechanisms of how physical activity improves health and prevents disease, which aims to catalogue the biological molecules affected by physical activity in people, identify key molecules that underlie the systemic effects of physical activity, and characterize the functions of these key molecules. This research will, in the words of NIH Director Francis Collins, "lay the foundation for our understanding of how physical activity affects the human body” and "may one day be able to define optimal physical activity recommendations for people at various stages of life, as well as develop precisely targeted regimens for individuals with particular health needs."

Results-driven and outcome-focused, this Conference aims to catalyze new partnerships that will attract funding, stimulate discovery, and help translate innovations into practice. It includes significant student involvement, keynotes on recent breakthrough studies, and a day of biomedical science entrepreneurship training.


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