7th Annual Systems-to-Synthesis Symposium

Date: Friday, April 20th 2012
Location: The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences - La Jolla, California
The San Diego Center for Systems Biology (SDCSB) is pleased to announce that registration for the 7th Annual Systems-to-Synthesis Symposium is now available online at http://sdcsb.org/events/7th-annual-systems-to-synthesis-symposium. Participation is FREE, but registration is required for all attendees.
The Symposium is scheduled to take place as a day long event on Friday, April 20th 2012, at The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, California. Our stellar speakerlineup includes Martha Bulyk (Harvard Medical School), Karla Neugebauer (Max Planck Institute), Peter Sorger (Harvard University), Arthur Lander (UC Irvine), Steven Altschuler (UT Southwestern), Joe Ecker (The Salk), Jeff Hasty (UC San Diego), Sumit Chanda (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute) and Steve Kay (UC San Diego).
Description: The SeventhAnnual "Systems to Synthesis" Symposium will be held April 20, 2012 at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, CA. This Symposium will include leading national and local speakers representing various fields of Systems Biology, and our famously extended poster session following the talks. We encourage abstract submission for posters, as two talks will be selected from the posters. Abstracts must include 1) title, up to 150 characters including spaces; 2) author's full name, affiliation, and indicate if the work is funded by SDCSB; and 3) text only abstract, limit of 250 words. Deadline to submit abstracts is Wednesday, April 4th 2012. Poster prizes will also be awarded. The Symposium will include contributions from every laboratory associated with the NIGMS-funded Centers of Excellence.
Questions can be directed to:
Dr. Alexander Hoffmann, ahoffmann@ucsd.edu
Cookie Santamaria, cookie@ucsd.edu


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