Confirmed speakers

Neda Bagheri Northwestern University  Computational analysis of intracellular signaling to predict regulation of cell fate decisions
Laurie Boyer MIT Dynamic regulation of cell decisions
Anne Calof UC Irvine  Multimodal feedback in lineage control and morphogenesis
Vijay Chickarmane Caltech Signal integration of stem cell maintenance in the plant stem cell niche
Sui Huang Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle  Complex Dynamics of Cell State Transitions on the Quasi-potential Epigenetic Landscape
Shalev Itzkovitz Weizmann Institute Optimality in the development of intestional crypts
Kunihiko Kaneko University of Tokyo  Dynamical-Systems Perspective to Stem-cell Biology: Relevance of oscillatory gene expression dynamics and cell-cell interaction
Ihor Lemischka Mount Sinai School of Medicine  Pluripotency and Beyond
Haifan Lin Yale University  A Novel Epigenetic Mechanism Guided by piRNAs
Alfonso Martinez-Arias University of Cambridge  Wnt/β-catenin signalling and decision making in mouse ES cells
Andrew McMahon University of Southern California  Transcriptional networks balancing renal stem/progenitor cells
Jorge Pacheco Universidade do Minho Active stem cells in mammalian hematopoiesis
Bing Ren UC San Diego  Charting the Cell's 3D Genome
Ellen Rothenberg Caltech Dissecting gene network relationships in stem cell to T cell development
Casim Sarkar University of Pennsylvania Interplay of extrinsic and intrinsic cues in cell-fate decisions
Ben Simons University of Cambridge  Spermatogenic stem cell self-renewal
Jan Skotheim Stanford University  Dynamics of cell cycle control
Marian Waterman UC Irvine  Stem Cells, Cancer and Wnt-directed Metabolism
2012. UC Irvine | Center for Complex Biological Systems
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