2013 SoCal SysBio Conference: Speakers



Presentation Title

Ellen Rothenberg Caltech Complex multistep dynamics of gene regulatory change in
Complex multistep dynamics of gene regulatory change in T-cell lineage commitment.
Paul Marjoram USC Analysis of Genetic Networks using Approximate Bayesian Computation
Tom Graeber UCLA Feedback loops in cancer signaling and metabolism.
Alan Garfinkel UCLA Nonlinear Dynamics: the Real Systems Biology
Terry Hwa UCSD Pattern formation from motility control
Roy Wollman UCSD Dual receptor - single ligand signaling systems: a design principle perspective
Eliot Bush Harvey Mudd Modeling the Role of Negative Cooperativity in Metabolic Regulation and Homeostasis
Stefano Lonardi UCR Nucleosome positioning in the human malaria parasite
Maksim Bazhenov UCR Role of neuronal oscillations and synchrony in olfactory coding
Liming Wang CSU LA A critical quantity for noise attenuation in feedback systems
Suanne Rafelski UCI Quantitative Analysis of Mitochondrial Network Size,Topology, and Function in Budding Yeast 
Rob Edwards SDSU Viruses, Microbes, and Metagenomes: Shedding light on viral dark matter 
Ian Ehrenreich USC A 'simple' model system sheds light on the genetic basis of complex traits
Omar Saleh UCSB Motor driven DNA gels 
Animesh Ray KGI Genetic Robustness: Promiscuity, plasticity and modular rewiring of interaction networks
Joe DiStefano UCLA Web Apps for Theoretical and Translational Dynamic Systems Biology Research and Teaching 
Maksim Plikus UCI Understanding the complexity of hair stem cell signaling network with the aid of mathematical modelling
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