2014 SoCal SysBio Conference: Speakers

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Presentation Title

Nick Wisniewski UCLA Maximal Information Component Analysis of Non-linear Interaction Networks
teD Iwasaki UCLA Neuronal Control Principles of Animal Locomotion
Ted Karginov UCR Argonaute and microRNAs in Post-Transcriptional Regulation
Michelle O'Malley UCSB Fueling Sustainability: Engineering Anaerobic Gut Fungi for Biomass Breakdown
Josh Millstein USC A Dense Molecular Regulatory Network Underlies Biochronicity
Sheng Zhong UCSD Comparative Epigenomics: Exploring Evolutionary and Temporal Variations of the Epigenomes
Long Cai Caltech Single Cell Transcription Profiling by Super-Resolution Microscopy
Peter Yingxiao Wang UCSD Live Cell Imaging of Molecular Actions
Anca Segall SDSU Artificial Neural Networks for Detecting Viral and Phage Structural Proteins
Jun Allard UCI Mechanical Modulation of Receptor-Ligand Bonds at
Cell-Cell Interfaces
Elizabeth Read UCI Stochastic Bistability and Switching in Virus/Immune Cell Networks
H. Howard Xu CSULA Modulating Expression of Bacterial Essential Genes and Operons for Discovery of Novel Antibacterial Inhibitors
Weifeng Gu UCR Systematic Study of Pol II Trranscription Start Sites by Deep-Sequencing --- Identification of pri-piRNAs.
Chang C. Liu UCI A New Genetic System for Rapid Evolution
Irene Chen UCSB Emergence and Evolution of Functional RNA
Karine Le Roch UCR Three-dimensional modeling of the P. falciparum genome during the erythrocytic cycle: connections between genome architecture and gene expression
TBA Caltech  
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