2015 SoCal SysBio Conference: Speakers



Presentation Title

Yi Xing UC Los Angeles Big Data and Systems Biology Approaches to Elucidating RNA Regulatory Networks 
Hilary Coller UC Los Angeles Quiet Time: The Secret Life of Quiescent Fibroblasts 
Tao Jiang UC Riverside Differential Gene Expression Analysis Using Coexpression and RNA-Seq Data 
Elisa Franco UC Riverside Structural Analysis and Design of Biochemical Dynamic Circuits
Matt Dean USC The Evolutionary Genetics of Penis Bone Size and Shape 
Terry Hwa UC San Diego The (Bacterial) Warburg Effect Results from Optimal Resource Allocation
Clodagh O'Shea

Salk Institute

Exploiting Viruses as a System to Understand and Treat Cancer
Michelle Digman UC Irvine Mapping Spatio-temporal dynamics and Metabolic Alterations of P53 Upon DNA Damage
Katrine Whiteson UC Irvine Metabolites, Germs and People: Eavesdropping on Human-associated Microbial Communities
Fabian Filipp UC Merced Cancer Systems Biology of Metastatic Melanoma 
Joel Rothman UC Santa Barbara Plasticity and Fidelity in Developmental Gene Regulatory networks 
Otger Campas UC Santa Barbara Measuring Cellular Forces within Living Embryonic Tissues
Viviana Gradinaru Caltech Visualizing the Activity and Anatomy of Brain Circuits: Optogenetic Sensors and Tissue Clearing Approaches 
Lea Goentoro Caltech Self-repairing Symmetry in Jellyfish
Alex Zambon KGI New Systems Biology Approaches to Understand and Control Cardiomyocyte Proliferation
Antoni Luque SDSU Role of Linker Histones in the Structure and Dynamics of Chromatin Fibers
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