Faculty Speakers for SoCal SysBio 2016




Presentation Title

Xia Yang UC Los Angeles Systems Genomics of Cardiometabolic Disorders
Van Savage UC Los Angeles Extracting New Data from Angiographic Images To Test and Develop Mathematical Models of Vascular Structure and Blood Flow
Daniel Koenig UC Riverside Uncovering the Genomic Footprint of Adaptive Evolution after Demographic Reduction in Capsella 
Wenxiu Ma UC Riverside Identification of Bipartite Structure of the Inactive Mouse X Chromosome using DNase Hi-C data 
Julie Simpson UC Santa Barbara The Circuit Logic of Motor Sequences in Fly Grooming Behavior
Ethan Bier UC San Diego The Implications of Active Genetics 
Saket Navlakha Salk Institute Learning the Structural Vocabulary of Biological Networks
Kai Kessenbrock UC Irvine Reconstructing the Lineage Hierarchies within the Human Breast Epithelium in Single Cell Resolution
Zeba Wunderlich UC Irvine Understanding Regulatory DNA Using Evolution 
Kara McCloskey UC Merced Cell Seeding Density and Metabolism Correlate with Vascular Fate from Stem Cells
Manal Swairjo SDSU Structural Bioinformatics: the Devil in the Details
Dion Dickman USC Homeostatic Control of Sleep and Synaptic Plasticity 
Lulu Qian Caltech Scaling Up Molecular Pattern Recognition with DNA-based Winner-Take-All Neural Networks
Erik Winfree Caltech Domain-level and Sequence-level Simulation of Interacting DNA Molecules
Nathan Lanning CSULA Mapping the Mitochondrial Bioenergetic Landscape 
Andrew Hires USC Reverse-engineering the Sense of Touch
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