Faculty Speakers for SoCal SysBio 2017




Presentation Title

Noa Pinter-Wollman UC Los Angeles Individual variation in collective behavior
Justin Meyer UC San Diego

The evolution of a key innovation and subsequentspeciation of bacteriophage λ

Jason Ernst UC Los Angeles

Genome-scale high-resolution mapping of activating and repressive nucleotides in regulatory regions

Paul Sternberg Caltech
 Genetic pathway analysis using transcriptomes as phenotype
Adele Doyle UC Santa Barbara

Development of Electrogenic Specialization During Neurogenesis

Mark Alber UC Riverside Multi-scale Modeling in Biology and Medicine
Dimitrios Morikis UC Riverside

Mathematical Modeling of Complement System Dynamics

Stacey Finley USC

Applying systems biology to predict CAR-mediated T cell activation

Elizabeth Dinsdale SDSU  A Mosaic of Microbes: Establishment and Maintenance of Marine Microbiomes
Nan Hao UC San Diego  Multi-generational silencing dynamics control cell aging
Devon Lawson

UC Irvine

 Single-cell analysis of intratumor heterogeneity in cancer progression and metastasis
Scott Fraser USC

Multidimensional imaging for systems analyses of embryonic development

Wenqi Wang UC Irvine

Protein-protein interaction network in tissue homeostasis and cancer development

Elizabeth Winzeler UC San Diego  Using systems biology in the hunt for new therapies for malaria elimination
Timothy Downing UC Irvine  Controlling the epigenome through cell-material interactions
Gennady Verkhivker

Chapman University/UCSD

Dissecting Allosteric Regulation in Complex Biomolecular Assemblies Using Multiscale Modeling and Computational Systems Biology
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