News - August 2013

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Published Date Written by Felix Grun

Interdisciplinary team of CCBS investigators garners collaborative NIH systems biology grant to discover gene regulatory networks of early development.

NICHD announced the award of a $3 million grant to CCBS investigators Ken Cho, Eric Mjolsness and Ali Mortazavi, together with collaborators Aaron Zorn at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Taira Masanori at the University of Tokyo, for their proposal to study the systems developmental biology of embryonic development and the ontogeny of structural birth defects.
A major unanswered question in biology is how differentiation of the myriad cell types of the adult body is hard-wired in the genome. Using the frog as a model system, the team aims to elucidate the mechanisms controlling endoderm formation by combining experimental and computational approaches. Production of a thorough endodermal gene regulatory network in frog will provide a useful framework for prediction, applicable to early mouse and human embryogenesis, thereby offering valuable knowledge to the broader scientific community for reprogramming stem cells along endodermal cell lineages.
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