NSF GROW 2016 Awardees

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Published Date Written by Naomi Carreon

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Congratulations to our National Science Foundation Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide 2016 Awardees.

Our awardees are Andrew Schaub, (4th year Chemistry student in Sheryl Tsai's Lab) and Jaleal Sanjak. (4th year Ecology and Evolutionary Biology student in Kevin Thornton's Lab)

Andrew will be hosted by Professor Ikuro Abe, Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo, Japan. His project title is: International Collaborative Research Exploring Natural Product Biosynthesis Through Molecular Dynamics and Crystallographic Studies.

Jaleal will be hosted by Professor Peter M. Visscher, FAA at the University of Queensland, Australia, in the Center for Neurogenetics and Statistical Genomics. His project title is: Evolutionary analysis of stabilizing selection on complex traits in humans via association mapping and model based inference with the UK BioBank dataset. 


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