Tessa Morris awarded 2021 La Verne Noyes Fellowship

Tessa Morris, an MCSB PhD student in Dr. Anna Grosberg’s Cardiovascular Modeling Laboratory, is the recipient of the 2021 La Verne Noyes Fellowship!

Tessa works to create computational tools for characterization of cardiac tissue architecture. This involves using and developing image analysis techniques to extract quantitative information about the biological constructs that comprise muscle tissues.

The La Verne Noyes Fellowship provides financial support to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding past academic achievement as well as future promise and are descendants of World War I U.S. Army or Navy veterans.

Congratulations, Tessa!


Trini Nguyen receives NSF fellowship

The MCSB program would like to congratulate student Trini Nguyen on receiving a 2020 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

The title of Trini’s project is: Intermediate Binding States, Motor Length, and Rigidness Affect Intracellular Transport.

Trini collaborates with Dr. Steve Gross (UCI Developmental & Cell Biology) and is a Fellow of the Center for Multiscale Cell Fate.

Dr. Allard and Trini
Dr. Allard and Trini